We prefer not to provide Online Booking. Why? The answer is simple - we hate double bookings. Small is beautiful and most boutique Hotels do not have highly staffed, impersonal reservation departments, but real human beings!!

The owners, directors or receptionists often process reservations. They are multi-talented and often very busy providing exemplary service to their treasured clients and may not have time to update "online" booking systems regularly enough. That is when double bookings occur. We prefer the personal touch. We know our Hoteliers and receptionists, speak their language and find that a phone call will give us accurate and up to the minute availability. You will in fact be very surprised at the speed of our response. We try (and more often than not succeed) to get the best room available in the category requested whereas an online booking system featuring thousands of Hotels will impersonally select the first room that appears in its database.
"Real time" responses from "real" people!!!!!!

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